How We’ve Remained COVID Free So Far

8 Steps to stay COVID Free in Long Term Care

July, 14, 2020

​1. Be prepared with a “not if but when” plan ahead of time assuming that eventually you will have to address an outbreak of the virus in the facility. #alwaysbeprepared​

2. Properly wear and use PPE- Personal Protective Equipment. #maskswork​

3. Make education a routine on infection control and signs and symptom.#themoreyouknow​

4. Follow the recommendations and guidance from the CDC, ACHA, WHO, CMS, and Health Departments.#itworks​

5. Monitor and screen all residents three times a day at a minimal for any signs or symptoms. #threetomakesure​

6. Diligently restricting who enters the building and through screening of who does. #novisitorsplease

​7. Encourage the team to stay safe and practice all processes and systems to not only keep residents COVID Free but our teammates as well. #healthcareheroes​

8. Screen, educate, follow guidelines ,monitor and repeat .#COVIDFREE

Contact Hillview Community Living Center for COVID safe placement,     731-364-2450.