At Hillview CLC, we understand that resident satisfaction and quality of life requires more than simply nursing physical needs, but rather healing the body as a whole. On the path to better individualizing the journey to whole-body healing, we use the ‘Five R’s’ in guiding residents back to a sense of home:

Recover: Therapy

recoverSometimes it’s harder than originally imagined to heal from physical trauma; we recognize this impending struggle, by concentrating on your recovery path. The rehabilitation team will help to improve quality of life and regain a sense of strength and control over the physical condition.

Revitalize: Medication Management

revitalizeWhen it comes to physical recovery, timing is everything. In fact, the same can be said about medication management. Taking the right medications and supplements at the right time makes all the difference on the path to revitalization and recovery. The Hillview CLC team will review and manage medications by optimizing the advantages and limiting side effects. When it’s time to go home, the same medication management system will be offered as an option by the way of in-home delivery.

Renew: Nutrition

renewProper nutrition plays a pivotal role during the journey to full body healing. With ability to control and prevent a myriad of diseases, healthy eating can especially be beneficial for those diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, and other ailments commonly associated with age. Offering a daily nutritional and tasty dining experience, physicians and dieticians collaborate to provide meals that enhance well-being and promote healing.

Refocus: Education

refocusIt can be really easy to slip back into old habits upon returning home. The proper education tools, physical wellness activities and enhanced quality of life can be maintained! Licensed therapists will provide at-home exercises, the pharmacy will give medication management options, and dietary will aid healthy meal preparation and recipes. Ultimately, the main focus is on keeping our patients home through wellness and prevention.

Refresh: Amenities

refreshHillview CLC is different in its offerings and amenities. The facility is equipped with Wi-Fi and several choices of preferred relaxation from family visits to personal life connections and in-room dining. There are numerous options on the journey to full recovery.

Hillview CLC ensures that quality of life is maintained and enhanced by developing personal relationships with the patients and residents we serve. Sustaining quality of life through a variety of means, and looking for ability in every disability of those entrusted to our care, is our daily mission.